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Ask Endochick: Ice For Endometriosis, Really?

From a Family Member (who has no idea I do what I do, and that they just became ‘a post’): 

“You can put ice on your belly and it helps endometriosis?” 

Now, let me explain why I chose to take this innocent comment and turn it into a post. Nearly every day I have a post from 2009 that gets a hit. Sometimes a few people stumble upon it. Sometimes more. This is usually because someone’s emailed our Facebooked the post. The post then? Put Ice On It?

This was a post where a Twitter follower (back in those days) told me to swap the heating pad for an ice bag. For the record, it works. 


  • It numbs the tissue, at least temporarily. Think of it as Lidocaine for your pelvis. 
  • It stops the pelvic nerves from sending pain signals. Again, at least temporarily. 

Alternate cold therapy with heat, which alters the pain signals being sent to the brain (i.e. your brain is focused on heat not pelvic pain), for best results. 

Of course, thermal therapy will only get you so far in treating endometriosis pain. Some people have had great success with diet modifications, medication, acupuncture, and medications. Always talk with your doctor, though, before trying a new medical or diet.