For Starters…

Rescheduled post-op appointment – returning endometriosis pain – endocrinology

I didn’t keep my appointment the other day…
I was feeling too sick. My head was swimming. I had a nasty cough and slight temp, and while envisioning the waiting room full of pregnant women, I optioned to move the appointment back again. I’ve been on the other end – ready to give birth when some nasty coughing, snaut spewing, germ infested person storms into the waiting room and plants herself next to me. It wasn’t fun and I didn’t want to be that bringer of holiday misjoy. I rescheduled for Jan 8th and sucked it up.

Meanwhile, the pain is coming back. And by coming back I mean persisting in ONE spot in my pelvis! It is odd for sure. And “the discomfort” we are all familiar with has returned. Not fun at all. That’s that deep pain felt inside the pelvis, which my doctor always says is def the endometriosis. So… there must be some in there she just couldn’t see? Or the microscopic kind? Because when she went in there in Oct. she said it all looked better than last surgery? I’m so confused them to why I’m experiencing pain. And I’m sure some of it’s due to formation of scar tissue and adhesions – again why I was aiming for the darn hysterectomy to begin with.

Either way, I plan on doing some serious research before that Jan. 8th appointment so I’m armed with some really good questions and rebuts for her answers. And if I’m not happy, well I’ve heard there are some really good doctors on my plan now 30 minutes away at the big clinic. I go there for Endocrinology and Neurology appointments so the drive isn’t a big deal, plus I get to do lunch with the hubby while I’m at it!

On a good note – because it’s nice to have one once in a while: I’ve lost nearly 15 lbs without trying!!! This is either due to the 25mg increase in my topamax or the imbalance of my thyriod that has yet been figured out. I’ve taken matters into my own hands and have just been skipping pills to stagger the dose. I know we are not supposed to do that but it helped with the mood swings and hot flashes in a matter of days. My doctor says he’ll work on it when I see him on Dec. 16th for my Diabetes Insipidus check. Moron. I’m leaning more towards the increase in topamax, but who knows. I’m enjoying it nonetheless.

Something funny happened on Monday, though. When I got to work my co-worker asked if I was feeling better because she said I looked so much better and had color in my face. By the end of the afternoon, though, a parent came in the room and said, “Are you ok?” I said yes, why? She goes: “You look sick. Are you sure you’re ok?” I was floored. I turned to another co-worker – not the first one who thought I looked good – and she said that I did look a little rundown. OMG! Now the mom who asked if I was sick is the lawyer I consulted about taking my one doctor to court so she knows all my medical problems. But no one else at the day care knows this. So maybe that’s why she asked if I was ok – knowing my medical history, and seeing I wasn’t looking too good, she was concerned? I was just taken off guard!

Then later at Pizza Hut I asked my husband, “Do I look sick to you?” He knew I had a cold so he said, “Well you have a cold. But you do look run down, just tired and your eyes have bad bags under them.” WHAT! I had gotten 8 hours of sleep the night before. You think you don’t feel too bad, but your body is telling the world a different story I guess.


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